Snore Appliances

Simple snoring, in most people, is caused because the amount of air going into the body is reduced. The body will increase the air flow to compensate for the reduced amount of air. By increasing the air flow, the velocity of the air entering the body is increased, thereby causing some fine tissues at the base of the throat to vibrate. This increase in air velocity and the vibration of tissue, creates the snoring noise.

The Snore guard prevents the tongue and soft palate from falling back and obstructing the airway. It’s simple, you get more air, you don’t snore.


Snore guards are appliances designed to maintain an open airway by positioning the lower jaw in a favorable location to reduce or eliminate airway obstruction resulting in snooring.

The snore guard is an oral appliance that is worn during sleep. The appliance is much like an athletic mouth guard, but with some of its own unique characteristics. The guard is fit in your doctor’s office and many people see positive results the first night. Snore appliances are 93% effective in the treatment for snoring.

Appliances Include:

  • TheraSnore
  • SilentNite

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