Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery

For some patients, preventive dentistry is not enough to protect the health, function, or aesthetics of a smile. The effects of gum disease, or accidental trauma to the dentition, elective tooth removal or the need to add  a missing tooth all require some form of oral surgery intervention to help a patients oral health, aesthetic appearance and chewing function. Woodhill Dental Associates offers procedures  that are designed to help patients regain both functionality and the health of their natural smiles. Surgical procedures include:

- Impacted and  Non-Impacted Wisdom Teeth Extractions.
- Implant Dentistry including Dental Implant Placement and Teeth in a Day
- Extractions
- Bone Grafting
-TMJ Treatment
- Dental Emergencies

The team at Woodhill Dental Associates is dedicated to providing patients with successful, lasting results. By working closely with other dental professionals, Dr. Wilson and Dr. Hemphill are able to ensure that your upcoming oral surgery is safe, comfortable, and successful.

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